As a writer

introspective and honest

Being well versed in the starkly emotional songs of Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, and Randy Newman, Thatcher has developed an introspective and honest writing style that explores themes ranging from joy and learning to love and loss.  Thatcher also enjoys writing character songs about people and places that he has only either imagined or heard of, while retaining the human touch.  






As a bassist

technical and versatile

Studying with Joseph Holt at the Berklee College of Music, Thatcher developed a technical ability that serves him whether he is playing Bach or the blues.  Studying music theory and harmony with Rod McCaulley and listening to a wide swath of music gave Thatcher the ear and interest to play masterfully in various genres on both the upright and electric bass alike. 




Nothing makes Thatcher happier than teaching the gift of music to others.  As a public instructor on Youtube at #TheArtOfSong, Thatcher takes others along the wild ride of being a professional songwriter, sharing tips and tricks that he has picked up along the way.  As a private bass instructor, Thatcher works with students of all ages and levels of play- the only necessary prerequisites are a strong desire to learn, work, and achieve.   



All photographs appear courtesy of Matt Sylvester.

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